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Seal Versatile person

Seal Versatile person
  • Seal Versatile person
  • Seal Versatile person
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Number plastic seals the Versatile person — reliable, convenient seals with a flexible tail. For sealing of a warehouse and transport. Working length of a seal is 220 mm.

Number seals the Versatile person — reliable, convenient number seals represent a uniform design with a flexible tail;

The internal castle mechanism of a seal is reliably protected from direct access that provides impossibility of opening of a seal without visible damages;

Each security seal has the individual, not repeating number;

The fake and reuse of a seal is excluded.


warehouse, motor transport, containers of onboard food, trade containers on airlines, various types of a container, railway containers, collector bags, vans, aviation, railway and sea containers, safes.

Technical characteristics of a number seal Versatile person:

  • Diameter of a tail: 2,3mm

  • Working length of a seal: 220 mm

  • Material: polypropylene of a high pressure, PP. A metal insert — stainless steel.

  • Marking: individual digital to seven or nine-digit code

  • Drawing a logo on a seal: at the order from 1000 pieces.

  • Use temperature from — 40 degrees to + 60 degrees

  • Standard colors — red, blue, yellow, green, white. Production of individual color is possible

  • Installation manually, without special tools.

  • Removal by means of nippers, scissors

  • Packing on 1000 pieces in a box.


Installation of a seal the Versatile person is made manually as follows:

  1. To bring the free end of a tail of a seal to the combined openings of eyes of the sealed-up object and to insert it into a seal case lock opening from a sotorna of the put number
  2. To stretch a seal tail via the key device, having established a seal label as it is possible closer to an eye
  3. To check installation of a seal by attempt in manual to open a seal. At the correct installation reverse motion of a seal is excluded.
  4. To record number of a seal in the book of the account (if on a seal there is an additional marking, then it needs to be brought in the book of the account too)


Before removal of a seal it is necessary to make check as follows:

  1. By visual survey be convinced of lack of traces of opening (gaps or cuts of a tail and the case near the lock, scratches, mechanical damages, traces of thermal and chemical influence, change of color)
  2. Having sharply pulled a seal, be convinced of integrity of a tail and its reliable stay in castle part
  3. Verify number on a seal with number in the book of the account.
  4. In case of detection of signs of attempt of opening or signs of destruction of a seal, removal it needs to be made in presence of the commission, having drawn up at the same time the statement of any form.

 To buy seals the Versatile person:(057) 751-73-08, (067) 571-0-175

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 19.11.2018
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